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Do It For Your Children

Each moment a music educator spends on administrative tasks is a moment that educator could be spending with a student. YOUR student. A ten-minute task for a parent could save a teacher 30 minutes, or an hour. That time goes right back to the students, ensuring that your child gets a better experience.

Do It For Your Community

Music is singularly well positioned to build community. Local performance opportunities like concerts, football games, and parades rally a community around the shared experience of the music provided by your kid’s ensemble. These community performances are wonderful opportunities to engage in some music education advocacy.

Do It For Yourself

You’ll get something out of volunteering for your child’s music program, too! Research shows that volunteers benefit in so many ways. Volunteering for a group like a music booster group will strengthen your network personally and professionally. Those connections will come in handy someday, whether it’s in your career or your social life.


And perhaps the number one reason to volunteer is because it’s FUN!

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