Disney Trip


  • Make payments for your trip using a credit card and paypal.
  • Payments include paypal processing fees of about 3%.
  • Please make the payments by the due date as prescribed in your paperwork and submit a print out of the payment to Mr. Markley.
  • You can make a FULL payment for the trip however, as mentioned in the callout meetings, this amount will change.  We will refund any overpayment of $10 or more via a check.  If the payment increases, you will have to make payment for the difference in the increase before the trip will be considered paid in full.

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Additional information

Disney Payments

1st Payment – $309.27, 2nd Payment – $438.00, 3rd Payment – $438.00, 4th Payment – STUDENT – $332.99, 4th Payment – CHAPERONE – $209.58

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