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A Madrigal Feaste is a 21st Century re-creation of the Renaissance feasts held in the great baronial halls throughout England during the twelve days of Christmas. If you lived in England during the Sixteenth century and were lucky enough to be one of the favored guests, you would be dazzled with the stunning pageantry, bawdy humor, endless amounts of succulent food, and extraordinary music. The line between sacred and secular would be thinly drawn. One moment you might be regaled with the most risque humor and the next you might listen to, or sing, the most exquisite and ethereal sacred music.

In our 21st Century recreation of these feasts, the entertainment, though not as risque, is nevertheless every bit as dazzling. The royal court, with the King and Queen, and a possible profusion of cast members including a court jester, wandering minstrels, itinerant actors, recorders, brass ensembles, wizards, and all sorts of characters, combine in their early English dialogue, laughter, and songs to bring to the audience a wonderful immersion into Renaissance England. The ambiance of the evening is one of warmth, laughter, love and joy. Dinner will be served.


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