Theater Fair Share Fees


See below for more information related to Fair Share Fees. You are required to download the Fair Share Deposit Agreement and return it, along with a printed receipt for payment, to the Theater Department.  The cost represents the payment due plus any associated fees to complete the on-line transaction.

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In an effort to defray the cost of our productions, Highland Theatre Company cast members are asked to fundraise. Most of our fundraising efforts are focused on collecting sponsorships from individuals and businesses and selling ad space in our programs. In the past, this has been an effective fundraiser for our organization. Unfortunately, in recent years cast members have decided not to participate in this fundraiser. As a result, Highland Theatre Company must institute a Fair-Share Deposit policy. Before a cast member will be issued a script, he or she must pay $25.00. This is a non-refundable deposit if student participation is not met.


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